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Project Description

Mailias makes testing of email enabled applications easier for DEVs and QAs. You no longer need to have multiple "real" email addresses to test and validate registration and notification features. You can alias many email address and have your own Mailias.

Written in C# this ASP.Net MVC application uses RavenDB Embedded as a document store and hosts a custom SMTP server.

Configure Mailias, update your existing email-enabled application's SMTP server settings and you are ready to go.

Mailias mail server will accept email sent to *any* address (ie: maill@alias) and save the contents as a document in RavenDB.

Point your browser at the Mailias server and you will be shown a list of recent messages that were accepted. You can chose to 'subscribe' to any email recipient (mail@alias) and Mailias will automatically forward any new messages that arrive to your real email address.

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