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All files should come with the SVN update command. There were some problems with the NuGet 'packages' not existing, but I think that has been resolved.

Debug Mode

If you want to run in DEBUG mode you will need to make sure that Visual Studio is 'running as' Administrator. If you don't want to run as Administrator then you can modify the Mailias.UI.Web.Documentstore.cs file.
Currently the public static IDocumentStore Initialize(string dataDirectoty) method will try to run the Embedded HTTP Server for RavenDB. This will give you access to Raven Studio running at http://localhost:8080/

            _instance = new EmbeddableDocumentStore { 
                               DataDirectory = dataDirectory, 
                               UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true};
            _instance = new EmbeddableDocumentStore {DataDirectory = dataDirectory};

If you don't want access to Raven Studio then you can remove the UseEmneddedHttpServer = true part and you can run Visual Studio under normal user mode.

Release Mode

As you can see from the code snippet above, release mode will NOT run the Raven Studio.

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