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<MailiasSmtpServer> section

This section defines the settings used for the System.Net.IPEndPoint object.
  • address is the local IP Address that will be used to accept incoming SMTP conversations
  • port is the port number that will accept incoming SMTP conversations.

System.Net.IPEndPoint is:
   IPEndPoint localEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(address, port);

<ActiveDirectortySettings> section

This section defines how Mailias can determine the real email address of the Windows Authenticated web site user. This allows the web application to search the System.Environment.UserDomainName for the email address of the logged in identity.
  • domainSuffix the suffix to be added to System.Environment.UserDomainName
  • emailPropertyName this is the name of the System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry property that contains the user's email address.

The LDAP query string is defined as:
string ldapQuery = string.Format(@"LDAP://{0}.{1}/DC={0}, DC={1}", 

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